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SIV’s COVID-19 Statement

The global concern of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak brings uncertainty for all of us and while our office may be temporarily closed, SIV remains open for business.

These are testing times, but SIV has strong foundations within the Fire Protection sector and a long history of industry-leading performance, good financial stability and excellent customer service.

Whilst our number one priority remains the health and safety of our employees and their families, our suppliers and our customers, most of our installers have still been working as normal to support all our clients. We are closely monitoring up to date information covering travel, hygiene, attendance at meetings and interaction with clients to minimise risks to all.  We have contingency plans in place to provide cover if anyone must self-isolate. We are also in regular communication with our suppliers to try and keep the business running as normal.

We continue to follow guidelines from the Government and Public Health England to ensure we are taking appropriate steps in response. We will adapt our business plans to reflect any changes in the situation and keep everyone informed with any significant decisions that we make.

As one of the UK’s widely recognised fire stopping premier contractors, SIV will be ready to take its leading role in supporting all customers and all those who interact with the Company whilst creating jobs and investing in skills, as well as creating a great place for our employees to work, learn and improve in.

We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to support all our employees, clients and suppliers through the coronavirus pandemic and wish all the best to everyone we work with.

Yours sincerely,

SIV Fire Protection LTD

London’s leading and independent specialist passive fire protection contractor.

SIV Fire Protection
is providing expertise in all types of Built-in fire protection and passive fire protection solutions.

Operating nationally from our office in London, we offer our clients a complete integrated fire protection package from pre-tender support right through to installation, commissioning and project handover. Working to the highest possible SHEQ standards, SIV’s business practice is defined by its unwavering passion for its clients and its critical, insider knowledge in every aspect of the field. SIV Fire Protection are approved installers for a number of market leading system manufacturers working only with reliable suppliers that share our passion for quality, innovation and sustainable business practices. It is our firm belief that adherence and demonstration of our Company Values will build up a more positive and efficient working environment and benefit our clients, key suppliers and all those who interact with the Company

With our commitment for growth and innovation, backed up by a number of industry recognitions and approvals including Fire Excellence Award for the most innovative and exciting built in passive fire protection project in the UK, we have the ability to treat each building based on its unique fire safety needs.
We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service and assistance that can only come from the wealth of knowledge of top industry experts.


Fire Stopping

The correct selection and the installation of fire stopping systems as tested are critical to ensure that the required fire protection of the fire compartment elements is maintained. There are many types of fire stopping, and the choice depends on a range of factors including type of service and their location within an opening, the size of the opening and the load-bearing requirement, gaps or linear gap between elements...


Intumescent Paint

SIV Fire Protection offers fast, safe, cost effective and practical solution for the protection of all internal, semi - exposed and fully exposed building steel structures against fire. By applying a variety of fire rated reactive coatings, commonly known as intumescent paints, we can fire protect the steelwork for up to 2 hours.


Cementitious Fire Spray

Cementitious Fire Sprays are cost effective and fast application systems for the fire protection of steel and concrete structures. Cementitious spray-applied fire resistive materials are designed to provide fire protection for the commercial, tunnel and petrochemical segments of the construction industry...


Blast Fire and Impact Resistant Barriers

SIV Blast Barriers are extremely effective against blasts and explosions due to their impact and heat resistant qualities. For this reason, SIV Blast Walls and barriers are specifically designed and installed to protect personnel, buildings and equipment from the effects of explosion, fire and impact.

Areas of Expertise

The Fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations are applicable to most building work in the construction of commercial, industrial and domestic premises. These requirements are given in Approved Document Part B of the Building Regulations, and cover means of escape, fire spread, fire alarms, and access and facilities for the fire service. The architects and designers have a range of techniques to protect occupants againts smoke and fire. One of these is passive fire protection measures to limit the spread of the fire, protect escape routes against heat and smoke and prevent building collapsing. The installation and application of those passive fire protection systems are Our Speciality.

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We’re a team of top industry experts who are dedicated to provide clients with exceptional customer service and assistance with the ability to treat each building based on its unique fire safety needs.

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