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Timber fire doors Both a barrier and a means of escape

Highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing

Timber fire doors are unique in fire protection as they offer both a barrier to prevent fire spreading and a means of escape.

In today’s compartmentalised buildings, it’s critical to delay the movement of fire from one section to the next. Linking these compartments are fire doors. When closed, they’re an effective barrier against fire; when open, they help speed up evacuation.

The best timber fire doors delay the movement of fire, smoke and gases but don’t hinder the evacuation of occupants or their day-to-day movement through the building.

Timber fire doors are usually categorised as FD 30 and FD 60, which offer 30 and 60 minutes’ fire integrity respectively. These days, timber fire doors come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing styles and wood finishes, some with attractive glass features.

How is FD rating assessed?

Manufacturers decide the FD rating of their timber fire doors by putting them through the test procedure set out in British Standards BS 476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014.

These test the complete fire-door sets – the timber fire door plus the frame and all the metalwork hardware. The test exposes each side of the door in turn to fire conditions while assessing its integrity.

The upper part of the door must be under a small amount of pressure to replicate fire conditions. Integrity is also measure by fixing a combustible fibrous pad on the unexposed side of the door to see how long ignition takes.

It’s critical for the integrity of the doors that timber fire doors are fitted by time-served, trusted fire-protection experts such as SIV.

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