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London's leading and independent specialist passive fire protection contractor

SIV Fire Protection is providing expertise in all types of Built-in fire protection and passive fire protection solutions.

Passive fire compliance

Prevention is better than cure. And when we can prevent a fire that poses a risk to life as well as your property investment, it’s a necessity.

At SIV, our passive fire compliance service involves an on-site survey on your existing fire compartmentation. You’ll get a report with all the problems we’ve found.

We issue two types of reports:

  • One generated through a popular passive protection software
  • A bespoke report that includes our proposed solution


Software report

  • Non-intrusive visual inspection
  • Focused on fire-stopping measures only
  • Recommendations to prevent spread of flame, heat and smoke through gaps,  junctions or penetrations in fire-compartment walls, floors or within risers
  • State of sheet-applied fire-resisting materials
  • Condition of ceiling or roof-void cavity barriers
  • Correct alignment and fire-stopping around ventilation-duct fire dampers
  • Agree a programme of works as necessary.


Bespoke report

A detailed, tailored report complete with defect photos covering specific fire hazards found in your property.

We’ll inspect fire dampers, fire-stopping to the service penetrating the walls, trapezoidal voids, heads of wall, steelwork and more.

We’ll then agree a programme of works that will protect your investment and help save lives.

Fire Stopping

SIV's Fire Stopping Solutions

Operating nationally from our office in London, we offer our clients a complete integrated Passive Fire Compliance package from pre-tender support right through to installation, commissioning and project handover.

Quality, Innovation and Sustainable

SIV's Passion

SIV Fire Protection are approved installers for a number of market leading system manufacturers working only with reliable suppliers that share our passion for quality, innovation and sustainable business practices.

Business Practice

SIV’s Business Practice

Working to the highest possible SHEQ standards, SIV’s business practice is defined by its unwavering passion for its clients and its critical, insider knowledge in every aspect of the field.

Working Environment

SIV Company Values

It is our firm belief that adherence and demonstration of our Company Values will build up a more positive and efficient working environment and benefit our clients, key suppliers and all those who interact with the Company

SIV Fire Protection

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