Friday, January 17, 2020

Fire Rated Board Cladding to Structural Steelwork

In order to comply with the Building Regulations certain elements of the structure of every building construction need to have fire resistance for a specified minimum period of time. The amount of fire protection required depends on the shape and size of the steel section, the area of exposure to fire of the steel, the type of the protection used and the duration of the fire resistance specified. There are two types of fire rated board cladding to structural steelwork giving up to four hours of fire rating to the structural steelwork encased.


Calcium Silicate Fire Protection Boards


Manufactured from white powder derived from limestone and diatomaceous earth, the calcium silicate board is known for its stability and excellent performance even in damp and humid conditions. This fire rated board cladding system can be applied when highly decorative finish is required.


Mineral FIbre Fire Protection Boards


These boards are manufactured from filaments spun from molten rock. The wool-like material is then impregnated and compressed into boards. This cladding system is suitable for both new establishments and rennovation of existing buildings. It is widely applied in public and high-rise buildings where the highest possible level of fire rating is required.

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