Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Fire Stopping

The correct selection and the installation of fire stopping systems as tested are critical to ensure that the required fire protection of the fire compartment elements is maintained. There are many types of fire stopping, and the choice depends on a range of factors including type of service and their location within an opening, the size of the opening and the load-bearing requirement, gaps or linear gap between elements etc.  For instance, the required fire rating  achieved at the point of service penetration through a block-work wall may not be achieved for a dry lined wall, so the importance of understanding the ability of each firestopping system is vital.

Doing it right, the first time, is not only piece of mind, but the most cost effective course of action.

SIV FIRE PROTECTION is a third party accredited contractor in the application of fire stopping and sealing to service voids/penetrations in fire rated compartment walls and floors. With its unrivalled knowledge and expertise, proven track record of delivering results that meet the Building Regulations, and truly Quality Without Questions achieved on each and every building site, SIV quickly became a leading mark for the installation of fire stopping products and systems in London today.

With all qualifications and accreditations needed, whatever the challenge - rest assured, SIV will complete the job with excellence.  Because above all else, we are here to champion respect for our trade, the art of workmanship, and we take pride in overcoming the challenges and being one of the best.

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SIV Fire Protection has delivered another project on time with completion of passive fire protection work at the County Mall Shopping Centre in Crawley

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The Arsenal FC Youth Academy to be protected by SIV Fire Protection.

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SIV were given green light for commencing fire protection works at Spitfire Business Park in Croydon.

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