SIV in Brief

Sunday, February 24, 2019

SIV in Brief

SIV Fire Protection is a company specialised in installation and maintenance of passive fire protection, fire stopping and thermal insulation systems.
The company is based in Victoria Docks (London), and SIV Fire Protection's staff has over 20 years of combined experience in the passive fire protection trade. Our truly experienced teams of professional installers operate principally in London and the South East.

SIV Fire Protection is a FIRAS accredited passive fire protection contractor ensuring strong technical knowledge, top quality and expertise. This enables SIV Fire Protection to issue a Certificate of Conformity (recommended in the Building Regulations - Approved Document Part B) providing a confidence to clients that the passive fire protection work has been properly installed.

We believe in working with our clients, and not just for them.

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SIV Fire Protection has delivered anothe…

SIV Fire Protection has delivered another project on time with completion of passive fire protection work at the County Mall Shopping Centre in Crawley

Specialist London passive fire protection contractor SIV FP have completed the installations of a range of fire protection sytems to the refurbishment of the Shopping Mall in Crawley.

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The Arsenal FC Youth Academy to be prote…

The Arsenal FC Youth Academy to be protected by SIV Fire Protection.

London's leading passive fire protection contractor SIV FP has been appointed to carry out the passive fire protection works at Arsenal F.C. Academy, Hale End Sports Ground.

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Specialist London passive fire protectio…

SIV were given green light for commencing fire protection works at Spitfire Business Park in Croydon.

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